Monday, August 25, 2008


Alright, the pictures are in! I'm really happy with them, although there are some I don't like of myself that are a little unflattering... but in the end they're all cute since Tatton is in them! Enjoy them by clicking here, then go to "proofing" and type in "gold" for the password.

New Tracker

I just wanted to make sure that when you saw the new tracker for breastfeeding that you didn't think that I am a total weirdo. I am just quite proud of myself for lasting this long. Those of you who have nursed know that it's not always easy and it is an accomplishment to make it past like a month. I was not a fan of breastfeeding before Tatton came along but I knew I wanted to do it because of the benefits for him... and it's cheap! The first few days being home from the hospital I wanted to quit since it was so painful and stressful and just plain hard. But like everyone said it gets better and I love it now. There really isn't a way to describe the connection I have with Tatton because of that time together. There have been a few times where I've hit bottom again and wanted to quit, and sometimes it's awkward and uncomfortable, but looking at Tatton and thinking of him just getting a cold bottle always helps me to keep on going. Now that he has two teeth I am fearing that we might not make it to one year and surprisingly it makes me a little sad. I started my little tracker more for me to see how long I can make it. Yay me...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dwight's Centathlon

We can't wait...

Family Pictures!!

So I was just checking Ann's blog and noticed she had a sneek peek of our pictures so I sneekily copied and pasted them onto mine just for fun. I cannot wait to see the rest of them!! Anyway so here you go. If I may say, that little child of ours is pretty darn cute.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Long Update, sorry!

Um Tatton has found his thumb. Dang it kid!! Not cool, we're working on this one. Any suggestions??

Relay for Life

Some of you may know Aaron's Mom has had cancer numerous times. She's one tough cookie! This year we decided to honor and celebrate her by participating in the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. We also did this for Aaron's Grandpa who passed away almost three years ago due to cancer, and Aaron's brother who has had cancer but has been in remission. So last Friday night they kicked it off by all the survivors (in the purple) walk a lap around the track and then everyone else starts taking turns within their team to walk from 6 pm til 6 am. There was ofcourse games, food, auctions and some sleeping involved with the walking and it was a blast. Unfortunately it was cut a little short because for some reason after taking a nap in the morning at like 4 or 5 I woke up and puked. I'm still not quite sure what happened, but we ended up leaving early. We were really glad we were able to participate in such a great cause. There were so many survivors there and so many supporting those who had passed away. It was an emotional evening. There was such a big age range as well. It broke my heart when the youngest survivor there was a little boy who looked like he was only 3. I realized how precious life is and the time we have, cherish every moment!

Don't ask. Bingo champs and these were our awesome prizes...

Another trip to the pool. Randy and Toni were up last weekend, together finally too, and Rusty and Challise so we hit the pool! Jayden kept us entertained, and the oreos and doritos kept her entertained. By the end of the day the little guys Troy and Tatton were tuckered out. Cute little guys napping.

This is one of my favorite pictures mainly because of Aaron's statement. Macquel was telling Aaron how cute Tatton was in his swimsuit and ofcourse Aaron had to mention that they had twinner bodies: Man boobies and a belly. My hot bod boys!!

I Hate Packing!!

I just have to let you know that I extremely despise packing, although unpacking is worse and I don't have to worry about that for a few months. So far Aaron and I have packed up our big stuff that we never use in our kitchen, the decor (our house looks like someone robbed us) and a few odd and end stuff. Right now I should be packing up things in Tatton's room, more decor but I just really hate doing it. Aaron has been making fun of me since it took me like 4 days to finally finish packing one box of kitchen stuff. I lack the motivation and then Tatton is just a total time sucker (that's my excuse). I thought I would be much more excited to pack since we are moving to Vegas (yay), but it hasn't hit yet. For those of you who don't know, yes we are moving to Vegas so that Aaron can be a cop. Yup a cop in Vegas... Officer Gold. At first I was not a fan of the cop career, it was not an option. But I decided to be a supportive wife, even though Tatton needs a papa, and support him in what he wants to do and I'm excited for him. Plus I finally get to be an official stay home mommy so I'm 100% game. We were deciding where we should go since he really didn't want to be a cop in O-Town. We thought about a few cities but all began on a innocent vacation to Vegas when we ended up flying home with a guy who is a cop down there. Needless to say the whole flight home was spent with Aaron and this Tyler kid talking about cop info. In the end it was meant to be, Aaron walked away with a lot of good information and I think a man crush. So now a few months later we are moving to Morgan first for a few months while Aaron's foot completely heals, then on to Vegas in January! Anyway, I'm ignoring the packing right now by blogging and getting my good old sharing time planned...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a Tooth!

Yup, today as Tatton was biting my finger I felt something a little sharp. So I took a peek in his mouth and lo and behold his left bottom tooth was poking out. It is reassuring to know that all the unusual fussiness, crankiness and biting was for a cause. It has made me a little sad to think that he's not a little baby anymore... he's getting teeth now. I sure am excited for nursing to go downhill from here!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thanks Kristin!

We got to go up and stay at the Harman's last week and Kristin sent us home with some toys for Tatton. He has loved them. The first time we put Tatton in the walker was up at Kristin's and it was probably like 10 at night; he was just freaking out. There were just so many things to play with he couldn't decide and went from toy to toy. She also gave us a Johnny Jumper. Tatton is out of control in that thing. At first he didn't quite know how to control himself or the chair. He would spin and jump and look at me like it was my fault. I was laughing hysterically. He has since then learned how to control it a little more and just jumps and jumps and jumps... So I just wanted to Thank You Kristin for giving Tatton some extreme entertainment! By the way those pictures of him sitting in the walker... he is watching a move, he's usually not that zoned out.

Days with Toni

This past week Toni and the kids came up to Grandma's while Randy was in Cali with the fires. Luckily me being furloughed I got to go up and play for a few days. We started out with a girls night on Sunday. Toni stole Gabby, Macquel and Hannah, and left Jenson up at Kristin's with JT and Robby (I think we got the better end of the deal.) We were planning on going to the Morgan County Queen Contest but after having a long lunch at Steph's we missed it. So we went over to the library and had our own story time... and a destroy the library time. That night we caught the last part of the Queen Contest at the fair grounds where they do their horsemanship. Ryan and Racquel made it up for the event. Tatton got to style some sweet shades and Jenson wandered off and was playing in the dirt. It looked like he was trying to dig under the fence to escape, who knows but it was funny. Unfortunately we didn't ever find out who won the contest. We waited while the judges were tallying the points but apparently someone was struggling with their math. After waiting 45 minutes we had enough and went home. It was an enjoyable few days being up at Grandma's relaxing and talking with Toni. Thanks, it was a lot fun!

24th of July

So I'm a little slow on the updating... for the 24th of July we went up to Grandpa's for a BBQ with the Deamers. All the kids took a dip in the pool. Reese, Ryan, Ethan, Hadley and Kennadee (sorry Heather I'm not quite sure how you spell her name!) and Tatton all had a riot in the water. Tatton was quite the little brave one when Aaron drenched him with the hose. Surprisingly he just stood there and took it with a smile. I think Aaron was extremely proud of his tough boy. All in all a nice way to spend the 24th!

That evening we got to have Morgan and Rylee come over while Rory and Michelle went golfing. We took a stroll over to Green Acres Play Ground and then lit some fireworks. They were such a big help with Tatton. He loves the attention he gets from his older cousins. Thanks for playing with us girls!!