Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grandpa Creamer

I have the cutest Grandpa ever and yesterday my Mom, Tatton and myself went to visit him. He hasn't seen Tatton in awhile so he got a kick out of him walking and saying "uh-oh" over and over. My Grandpa just turned 88 and he's still going strong. He is so funny to talk with and listen to him tell stories of the old days. Tatton is a little shy with him, but very curious about his wheel chair, so we need to do better about visiting more often. We also got to see my cousin Heather's twin girls Hadley and Kennedy. They are just a month older than Tatton. They were all being a little shy but eventually they warmed up, Hadley was still a little frightened by Tatton though. Those girls are so cute, and I loved their outfits..."thing 1 and thing 2." I was so glad to see Tatton have some interaction with someone his age, he normally doesn't really get to play with other babies so we'll have to come play again!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

So our weekend ended up a lot different than planned. I had this whole big plan to surprise Aaron this year. Ok so the itinerary was to go as follows... My mom and dad were watching Tatton for us and Friday evening I was going to have the car all packed ready to go, Aaron was going to be blindfolded, and we would start driving to Logan. I hadn't decided where we were going to eat, either Cafe Sabor or I think it's called Hamilton's but I could be wrong. Anyway, so after dinner Aaron would be yet again blindfolded as I drove him to our Penthouse Condo on the shores of Bear Lake. Then on Saturday I would surprise him again by driving him up to Beaver Mountain to go snowboarding. The biggest reason I was so excited for this weekend was because Aaron and I have been waiting 3 years to go on a snowboarding date. It may sound silly but we both love to snowboard and we haven't been together yet. A possibility for our honeymoon was going to be a snowboard trip somewhere in Canada but Aaron clumsily had to break his foot that fall. So the first year we were married he couldn't snowboard because his foot was still healing. Then came summer and he broke his other foot so that winter, still no snowboarding because that foot was still healing. Then the next winter I was pregnant with Tatton. So this year is finally our chance that we can actually go snowboarding together. So back to the story, on Friday morning though I awoke feeling very ill, nausea. I thought maybe I was just really hungry so I got ready, ate some toast and headed to work. By 10 o'clock I could not handle it anymore, I left work and barely made it home in time to collapse on the couch. I was so sick, but even more than that, I was just plain mad that I was sick because all my plans went down the drain... along with the vomit. As the day went on I was convinced that maybe I would feel better soon so we decided that we still might as well go stay at the condo. If I was going to be sick in bed, I might as well be sick away from Tatton and in a king size bed. So I had to ruin the surprise and tell Aaron that we were staying somewhere and he had to help pack the bags. We got on the road and he had to drive because I was in so much pain. So another surprise out the window, he knew we were headed to Logan. I knew I couldn't eat, but Aaron still needed dinner but I couldn't go sit down in a restaurant. We had to get a to go order or drive-thru. Aaron decided on Chili's. We got the food, stopped at Hastings to get a few videos and another surprise gone when I told him we had to go to Bear Lake. The condo was beautiful and the view of the lake was really pretty. I was able to keep some soup down so the night was shaping up. I was still mad that I was sick but we did perhaps discover a new favorite movie. From the guys that made Napoleon Dynamite, they have unleashed another classic called The Sasquatch Gang. It was hilarious, well worth the purchase. By 2 in the morning I was starting to feel somewhat better and able to fall asleep. In the morning I felt a little better and was starving. So very stupidly, Aaron and I ate left over Chili's for breakfast. Ugh, I can't believe we did that. I knew I would immediately regret that decision but it tasted so good and Southwestern Egg Rolls are one of my all time favorites! Anyway, so we headed home with my tummy still a little uneasy, but doing well. We stopped at s.e.i. on our way out of Logan. It's a little scrapbook store that I've wanted to go to forever but have never made the trip. I was in heaven!! Aaron didn't quite appreciate my excitement but I can't wait to go back again. Since we didn't go snowboarding, we were home most of the day to spend with Tatton. Now that I'm feeling better, I actually loved the weekend. It didn't turn out as planned but I still was able to be with my hubby and my little love Tatton, which was enough! But mark my words, we will snowboard eventually this winter...

Lil' Stinker

As of lately, every time we open a drawer, a cupboard, the garbage can, a door, Aaron's shoes... we seem to find a stash of misplaced items from Tatton. His all time favorite though, for some reason, are remotes in the garbage can. He is awfully busy for such a little guy, always transporting toys and things from somewhere else to stash. I'd be lying if I said I missed the days of him just sprawled out on the floor, immobile, which would be nice sometimes, but it really is so funny to see what he's going to do next. He is walking now and getting into things quicker than ever! We've decided that we've wasted a lot of money into buying toys since he hardly plays with them anymore. He's busier just rummaging through all our stuff.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans...

So you all need to take the little poll over there... I need to prove Aaron wrong that I'm not a freak about jeans!! It's a normal girl thing right?? Hmm, and maybe I should do a poll on how much people spend on a pair of jeans...