Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun In The Sun!

We've finally been able to see some sun lately so we had to take advantage of it while it lasted. We got Tatton these sweet shades at Target. I love them. They stay on him so well and he actually really likes them too. Usually as soon as he hits the sun he starts blinking and bobbing his head uncontrollably like it's blinding him. But with his glasses he's just happy as can be.

We met up with Natalie and Sheldon and had a fun round of Mini-Golf over at what used to be known as Mulligan's. They've changed the name and added a lot more stuff over there now. We had a blast. I had a sad experience of feeling like the worst Mom ever though. I forgot to bring his sunscreen. I know how terrible is that? I had put some on him earlier that day but we were mini-golfing at 6:30 right in the sunset and it was so warm. I felt so bad thinking that I was going to fry my own kid but luckily the sunscreen from earlier must have still worked or he just has good skin. He wasn't a lobster afterwards, phew!

Natalie and Sheldon... we're waiting for Tatton to have a little buddy or girlfriend!!

Tatton was Aaron's good luck charm...

We caught a late movie to top the night off. We went to Iron Man which I was a little reluctant about but it really is a good movie. I just didn't picture Robert Downey Jr. as a super-hero type but he did a good job. It was a funny movie and completely clean for kids, we enjoyed it a lot!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother's Day

It's a bit delayed, but I had a great Mother's Day. We were able to visit both our Moms on Mother's Day. They are the best Moms and we love them so much. I don't think we ever go a few days without talking to them or vegging at one of their houses. We were able to go to church with Mary Sue, and got to see my Mom, Keebler at our bbq. This is for Keebler, we're glad she's doing better after her horseback riding mishap!

Sunday morning I woke up to Tatton's face in the video monitor just gabbing away. Aaron had put him in a shirt that said "my mom is hot." I went downstairs to find Aaron in his shirt that says "I love hot moms." They had breakfast all made for me and these beautiful flowers from Tatton.
This is the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day. He's my little boy and I love him so much. He's brought so much joy to Aaron and I. We are so blessed and happy to have him. He is such a good sleeper, I mean obviously looking at this picture he's just so peaceful. We have been so lucky to be able to get sleep with this one. We can only hope all of our kids will do the same.
My two little boys...

So for Mother's Day my Mom and Dad got all of us kids a Wheat Grinder. I was so darn excited. Keebler makes the BEST wheat bread. With having our own grinder we were finally able to grind our own fresh wheat to make our own bread. They've been turning out great. They don't quite look like Keebler's but it's a work in progress. We can finally remove ourselves from the bread delivery Mom, yay!

Cousin Kru!

Tatton's cousins Kort and Kody play baseball for Weber High School. Tatton and I got to go to one of their games with Grandma Gold. Jody was there with Kru and they had some fun in the sun. The boys are really good at baseball, it was fun to be able to watch them. They won their game easy to Davis.
We also got to go spend a day up at Grandma Gold's home. Tatton was in heaven with his cousins Jace and Kru. They spoiled him all day long. Those three cute little boys look like they're gonna be trouble.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Tatton finally got to eat real food! I think I was a little more excited about it than he was. We weren't supposed to start until this week but I just couldn't wait any longer. He ended up loving his cereal. He was so excited for every bite, and still is. He didn't do too bad figuring out how to swallow. It was pretty funny watching him with this completely new experience. I feel so blessed to be his Mom.

Ride 'Em Cowboy...

A little gift from Grandma Richards, a dinnasour for T-Rex. Not bad for his first ride