Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

So what happens at our house when we get ready for Christmas? Eggnog is purchased. Aaron and I can drink eggnog if it's watered down a bit with some regular milk, and in small portions. But it's something that's a must need in the home this time of year. Tatton has been introduced to this beverage and is now addicted. He can tank down eggnog like no other. I thought it might be wise to buy him the low-fat version because he literally asks for eggnog all day. Now I've had to just tell him it's all gone even though we have some in the fridge so that he has it just every once in awhile.

Secondly we got our tree up. Thanks to Tatton most of the ornaments along the bottom half of the tree are rearranged daily, but I suppose that's what Christmas is when you have a toddler in the home. He loves turning the lights on. Our neighbors probably think we're weird because Tatton will go push the button to turn on the lights all throughout the day.. it's a constant battle.

Thirdly, we've been playing in the snow. Tatton has his own little toddler sled that's just his size and you can buckle him in. I keep forgetting to take the camera outside with me so there aren't any pictures of that action. And fourthly, last night we went to see Santa at the Newgate Mall. But what we encountered there was surprisingly something Tatton loved much more than Santa. They have a train that you can ride. So the first go around, I rode the little kid train with Tatton and he loved it. Best $2 spent at the mall. So we continued our shopping and were making our way to the other end of the mall to see Santa but all Tatton could talk about was either "choo-choo again" or "back to choo-choo". And I mean this was all he said over and over again. He was getting pretty desperate realizing that neither mom or dad were going to take him back anytime soon so then he started asking if papa or mama (grandma) would take him. So we finally got to Santa and he was so excited until we tried to put him on his lap. Santa told Aaron and I to come sit with him. Hence the whole Gold Family sitting on Santa's lap. Tatton warmed up a little but still kept on insisting we go back to the choo-choo. We decided that Tatton could probably handle the train by himself this time. He walked right in, went to the same red car that we rode in the first time, waited patiently for Aaron to open the door and sat right down with his hands on his lap. He LOVED it the second time, riding all by himself. He threw a rather good fit when it was over and Aaron was trying to get him to come out. All the way home he talked about the choo-choo and even this morning in his sleep he keeps mumbling choo-choo. So needless to say, I think we will be venturing back to the Newgate Mall quite a bit before the train is gone. Merry Christmas Tatton...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

busy, busy, busy...

Well, it's been a busy month since last time I posted anything on here. For a baby update... I've got the belly which is already uncomfortable. The little guy is doing good though, he's moving around like crazy and he weighs over a pound now. We have few names that we like but nothing for sure yet.

Aaron and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary! We must be getting old, or the fact that I'm pregnant... I don't know. Usually we have some elaborate plan, take a little get away... but this year we just stayed home, Aaron made a yummy dinner and we watched Up! with Tatton. It doesn't sound like anything fantastic but it was a perfect day for me. 4 years and I love just being home with my little family, snuggling with Aaron and playing with Tatton. The next day or night I should say, we went to the New Moon premiere. It was great... even lthough Aaron decided to become the line-butting Nazi at the theatre. We went to Layton and it was very unorganized and Aaron was determined that a group of teenagers in front of us were not going to let their 15 friends cut in line. Needless to say I was mortified and embarrassed that evening, but we got great seats in the end to watch our movie so I suppose Aaron deserves a pat on the back.
Thanksgiving was a great holiday as usual, good food and lots of it. We're lucky that our parents live so close and we can hit up both family parties on the same day. December has finally come and we're extrememly excited for Christmas. We have to get our ward christmas party out of the way that Aaron and I are in charge of which is on Saturday, and then we can have time to celebrate the countdown a little better... stress free! Tatton has become obsessed with The Polar Express, because of the "choo-choo" and Frosty the Snowman. Aaron and I have had to print off the words to the Frosty song (which is really long by the way) because Tatton requests that song to be sung at bedtime. And he tries to sing it too, it's pretty cute.
Oh, and speaking of bedtime... Tatton has moved into his big boy bed which is a little toddler bed. He's sleeping just fine it now, yay! It was a rough two weeks but we've made it. I wanted the crib to not be an issue at all when the baby came so that was one less traumatizing thing for Tatton. It seems so early for him to be in a big bed but it's working out just fine for him. I guess our little guy is growing up. I don't have a whole lot of pictures lately, I've been a slacker. The Tatton clan had family pictures taken though in November so hopefully I can snag one of those to put on here.