Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catch Up

Well to catch you up a bit on our lives lately... we moved back in with Roy and Keebler so that we could save up for Aaron to go back to school this fall. He loves working at the greenhouse and so he's decided to go into Ornamental Horticulture. What is that you may ask? It's basically learning all the ins and outs of the whole growing process of plants, and just all you would want to know about plants and more so he can further his career in the greenhouse business. Anyway, we kinda feel like bums living here and having a third baby, but what can you do. So we're living in the compound and our computer won't connect to the internet for some reason? Obviously I can use my mom and dad's for the internet but all our pictures are on our computer. Hence, I'll have to add pictures later some day when it's all working. In other news Tatton is riding his fine bike that we purchased at the d.i. for $5, Lincoln is SO close to walking and the baby is just growing right along. It's always nice to finally feel the little guy moving around! I'm so glad we've finally had some warm days and the boys smell of sunscreen. I love it! We are itching for summer and hopefully soon I'll be able to post some pictures of our summer adventures!!