Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well I'm just as surprised to be on our blog as much as you are!  It's been far too long and apparently the craziness of having 3 kids has kicked in.  Actually, that's not entirely true.  I am busy, but I think you find time to do the things you have to and the things you love.  I guess blogging hasn't fallen in either of those categories lately.  I update facebook much more than I used to, it's quick and I stay in touch with more people there than I do on here.  Nonetheless, I have missed out keeping this updated because it is a way of journaling for my little family.  So instead of catching you up on months worths of activities and pictures... we're happy, we've celebrated birthdays and holidays, graduations, done some fun things and my boys look adorable in numerous pictures!  How about that?!  Now that we're up to date, I will get to the point of the title of this post.  Home Sweet Home.  Aaron and I have moved several times in our short 6 years of marriage.  Life has changed a lot for us.  We're just renting his Grandma's house, but I feel more at home than anywhere else we've lived.  It's on a lovely road that my parents live on and his parents.  It's up a long driveway on top of a hill and it is heaven.  The house itself is not necessarily a magnificent thing to behold, but it's the happiest place we've lived.  Aaron's Grandma is 85 I believe and in a nursing home and the house was vacant.  We were living at my parent's house to save $ while Aaron is at school and it was getting a little old (my parents are great fyi, just nothing compares to being by yourself).  So by divine intervention... someone needed to live at the empty house and take care of it!  And in came our little family moving in the winter a week before christmas into this home, and couldn't be happier.  We've done a lot of painting and fixing up and many projects that Aaron rolls his eyes at when I say "I saw this thing on pinterst...".   We don't know how long we'll be able to stay here.  But we're staying until circumstances force us to move i.e. family decides to sell the house.  Until then, I'm busily making it my own without putting too much into it since it's technically not ours.  My favorite things about this home, why I love calling it home, is that it is perfect for boys to be boys outside.  We're on a country road, but even better than that, we're off the road a long ways which means my boys can go outside and play to their hearts content and I don't have to worry about where they are, cars, strangers, really even what they're doing, it's pretty indestructable out there.  I also love (here's my brag list) the beautiful views, large shade trees all over, tons of cement for bike riding, room for Jack to roam, covered pavillion with lights to eat outside anytime, rv pad for our beloved trailer and a big swing on the front porch to sit and watch my boys play.  I need to pinch myself as I'm describing it!  It may not be everyone's dream stuff, but it certainly is mine.  I definitely like the country, the space, and the seclusion.  Of course we want to own our own house again but we're content to wait for the perfect time, perfect place and perfect home.  We owned a house once and we were young and naive.  We didn't think too much about the location, and certainly didn't really think about the layout of the house.  We bought a split-level home in Clearfield when we were first married and we consider ourselves so blessed to have sold that right before the market went down.  I started to dislike the home, ugh and our neighbor, I hated how close the houses were together and we were just barely pregnant with Tatton and realized we didn't want to be in the ghetto of Clearfield to raise our family.  That's how it started and fortunately it lead us to knowing we needed to sell and move away.  With that lesson under our belt, we've decided we would wait to buy or build a home when we were really ready, knew where we wanted to be settled and in the perfect spot for our family.  You can always change the outside and inside of a home, but you can't move it.  So someday, that'll be my dream home but for now, this place will do.  I just feel so much happier here and blessed to call it home for now.