Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Struggles with Night Night

So lately Tatton has been a stinker to get to bed. He's been teething bad lately. His schedule has been changing lately too which I think has thrown him off. He now sleeps in until about 8 and eats every 4 hrs. and goes to bed between 8 or 9 which is a great schedule. But it seems that it's always a battle to get him to go down for naps and at night he has his last feeding and falls asleep for the night that way. I've read the Baby Wise book which I love but I've never been able to put Tatton down in his crib and have him fall asleep on his own, and I wish I could. And the other struggle is that he does not take a binki at all, I've tried just about every brand. So on Monday for his first nap while reading a book he actually took a binki so we finished reading, sang him a song and put him in his crib still awake and he fell asleep all by himself with sucking on the binki and he continued to do this for every nap that day and at night. I was thrilled!! I thought I finally had it all figured out and that all he needed was a binki! But to my disappointment he has yet to do it again. I've tried to be consistant Tuesday and today doing the same thing but he has refused to take a binki so we're back to rocking him asleep before I can put him in his crib. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Surgery...

That's right, it wouldn't be a summer without Aaron having a foot surgery! It was his after Father's Day celebration. This should be the final one to complete the trilogy. He had a total reconstructive ankle and foot surgery to fix a previous one that was not so good. So we've had good times chillin at the hospital, lived in the living room, rented just about every video lately at RedBox, played a few seasons of football on PlayStation and just have had a blast...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bye Royce and Lauren

Royce and Lauren

Royce and Lauren, Brent and kids and us!

My cute Mom and Tatton

Well Royce got a new job in Connecticut so the two of them are moving away. It's so sad to see them go. Royce left already to start work and to find a place to live and then Lauren will join him in a few weekson a road trip with her Mom and brother Parker and Roy and Keebs bringing up the rear with all their stuff. I talked to Royce yesterday while he was sitting in Vegas during a lay-over. I got pretty bummed, it hasn't really sunk in that he's gone, and that they'll both be gone soon. But I got a little choked up after I got off the phone for some sad reason. This past Saturday they had a little get together up at the Jone's Lodge. We took a few pics of the family that was still there... we were a tad late! Good luck to you guys and you'll have such a great experience out there. You're going to be missed. Royce is already... Love You!

Pineae Greenhouse

Last Saturday we went on a little venture down to Aaron's Dad's greenhouse with Brent and Kristin and the kids. Brent was like a kid in a candy store, I was not aware of his fascination for plants so hopefully it made you're Father's Day Brent!! It was pretty interesting to see the whole set up. There are lots of cool watering machines, which because of me not paying attention Tatton got sprayed once...he's fine, and machines that do planting as well. Seeing so many plants all layed out was really pretty. Thanks for coming with us kiddos!!

This was one of my favorite hanging plants that we discovered. They were just so cool how they had the little bulbs hanging and then they bloom into a really neat purple flower. I forgot the names of them though...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Splish Splash

This was Tatton's first swimming adventure. He LOVED it! He was literally out of control. You can't tell from the pictures but he was splashing and kicking like crazy, his whole body was just wiggling uncontrollably. It was so funny.

Viva Las Vegas

We had such a good time in sunny Las Vegas!! Yes we left Tatton at home with Grandma's (Thank You Thank You!!) and I must admit I cried, a few times. It's really hard to leave that little guy. But it was still good to get away. We relaxed at the pool during the hot day and then went out in the evenings. We can't wait to go back again.

Mantua Camping

We set out for Mantua for our Ward Campout!!

Aaron had a good time setting up the tent as usual... It was fun to sit around the campfire with Tatton and talk with friends from our ward.

Tatton slept really well through the night, I didn't though. I think I woke up about every hour to check on him! It was a blast, we're excited to go camping some more this summer!

The Hogle Zoo