Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Things

I know this is really pathetic since this is my second post in one day, but I figured since I had the time I might as well. So Tatton and I were driving down to Ogden when we ran into this on the way.Yup, only in Morgan will you get delayed in your travels due to cows crossing the road. Gotta love this little town. Tatton was in heaven though, he was "mooing" uncontrollably ad was so excited that cows were walking by his window.

On a different note, we cannot decide what Tatton should be for Halloween. We have a few ideas but cannot narrow it down. Here are the contenders in numerical order of my favorite:
1. Nacho Libre
2. Lil' Golfer
3. Monkey
4. Lion
5. Scarecrow
I couldn't fnd a toddler Nacho Libre picture, sorry.

Sleep Adventures

So this is what happens when you are extremely prego tired and happen to doze off on the couch and your 20 month old son has free reign of the house for 15 minutes...

I think the pictures are self explanatory. He had a good run while it lasted! And although it was a blast cleaning up, it could have been a LOT worse. Needless to say the flour has now been put into a bucket...