Saturday, February 12, 2011

And Then There Were Three...

Well, Aaron and I have been dying to let people know that we've got a third little peanut on the way!! I am 14 weeks, which is the longest we've ever waited to spill the news, but we were waiting until we knew if it was a boy or girl this time. So, drum roll please, at my appointment yesterday we found out that it's another little boy! I can't say I'm disappointed by any means, since there is nothing but sheer joy about awaiting for a sweet little baby to come, boy or girl. But we were not surprisingly hoping for a girl this time, hopefully the 4th time will be the charm. My dad actually watched Tatton and Lincoln while Aaron and I were at the appointment yesterday. Afterwards I called my dad to let him know the news because Tatton has been quite determined that he was going to get a baby sister (there was a small fit that followed) But as I told my dad the news he just laughed for a minute, knowing that we were hoping for the opposite, and said, "Well, the world is in great need of good missionaries." And with that I felt a complete change of outlook on my being a mother and raising these soon to be three little missionaries. So although I don't get to buy any pink this go around, we are extremely excited to have a new little guy come into our family. I cannot wait until that special time in the hospital. I so look forward to that mini-vacation in the hospital, kind of like at the temple, there's not interruptions, no stress of daily life at home, it's just me and Aaron spending the most wonderful time with our new baby. Needless to say August 11th can't come soon enough!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Little Help!!

I am looking for a wire sewing form like these ones for example:

or even smaller "jewelry" type ones that could sit on a table. I'm decorating for New Beginnings in Young Women's at the end of this month. If you know of anyone nearby that has one that I could borrow, I would greatly appreciate it!! Our theme for the evening is Personal Progress: A Pattern for Life... and we're decorating with sewing stuff just in case you wondering why I'm randomly looking for such an item.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cutting Back

Yep, we're cutting back in this house.
Apparently we don't need a crib, Lincoln can just sleep on the floor.

And who needs a special stool in the bathroom when you
can just do this instead:

And toys, who needs toys? Certainly not our kids.
Lincoln is now at the crawling, standing up on anything,
going through every drawer and cupboard phase. So
we thought who needs Santa to come and bring toys
when you can just play with everything in the kitchen!