Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Last Few Days

I had a few updates to do from the past few days so I'm combining them all...
Yesterday Rusty and Challise welcomed their little boy into the family. Talon Joseph Tatton was born yesterday at about 11 am, he weighs 7lb. 11 oz. and is 19in. long. He's a little cutie, he does have dark brown hair, he has Challise's nose, the Tatton lips and I think he looks like Jayden. Anyway, my Mom, Tatton and I got to go visit yesterday and hold the little bundle. Congratulations Tatton's!!

We went to Morgan's football game on Friday against Ogden High, after a little dinner action at Javier's...yum! It had been too long. Tatton downed all of his refried beans and rice plus some. I guess we'll have to make mexican food for that kid. Anyway I just thought it was interesting that Ogden High actually still has a marching band. I haven't seen many schools anymore that do. They were really good, the girls with the flags not so much but it was still a decent production. The sunset that night overlooking Ogden was really pretty, I'm a nerd and took a picture of it. And Aaron got crazy with the camera and for some reason had to take a picture of a little something that my life consists of everyday...

My parent's cats, a brother and sister we think have had a case of insest because we're pretty sure they became mother and father by having 5 kittens. The mom has now disappeared we think to a sad death of poison from our lovely neighbor but who knows. So the kittens were just little when the mom disappeared so my mom and I had to feed them milk with a syringe until just a few weeks ago. They are now eating food and water and are ready to be adopted out! There are only 4 now due to a minor mishap involving one kitten and Aaron's motorcycle tire, but the surviving 4 are really cute and if anyone wants or knows of anyone that would like a free kitten, have at it!! Tatton loves the kitties, he likes to maul them and watch them pounce around.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Christmas Ideas...

Alright kids, Aaron and I have been called as the Activities Chair People in our ward, i.e. we get to plan our Ward Christmas Party. There are some ideas we have floating around, and Morgan does tend to kind of stick to traditions but if you have any ideas or things you have liked that your wards have done in the past please let us know! Any themes, table decoration ideas, food... anything at all we'd appreciate some fresh ideas!

And... also any ideas for a Halloween Party. We're not sure if we are doing a Halloween Party yet but it's possible so if you have any thoughts on that one too...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Best Buddies

The past week we've been able to have Jayden stay with us. Challise, my very prego sister-in-law, was put on bed rest since "Bronco" was trying to come too soon. So my Mom being the schemer that she is finagled them into letting Jayden come up here so that Challise could rest. It has been so much fun. Jayden and Tatton have become such cute little cousin buddies. It was a little touch and go for a bit, Jayden kept a close eye on her toys, and they kind of always checked out each other's bottles but after awhile Jayden was always asking for baby Tat and Tatton could not keep his eyes off her. My Mom and I got them on the same schedule so that nap times and eating times were about the same, oh and bath times. They were so cute together. Anyway I could go on and on about all the cute stuff they did, but I won't. I'm sad that she is gone, Jayden went home this morning. No more little pitter patter and "baby" to be heard. Tatton is so lonely now, he liked having someone there his size. I had to make a little slideshow of some pictures I took over the week. For the record, the chocolate pudding was all Grandma...

High School Football Games

I was going to do this post last Friday night after the game but instead became violently ill. Alright maybe not violent but I was grossly sick with the flu over the weekend. It then passed onto to Aaron, Tatton and my Dad. Anyway, we're all good now, no worries at the sick house. The past few weeks we have been going over to the Morgan High School Football games, the home ones, we're not traveling for the away games... It's been so fun to spend our Friday nights at the games. Tatton actually has a lot of fun being outside and just observing the whole thing. My favorite game thus far was two weeks ago when Park City beat Morgan, but normally I cheer for those Trojans! I was watching the high school kids on Friday, it was Homecoming, and got thinking about the old days. It's just funny how life changes so drastically in just a few short years. I'm so glad I'm who I am today and lead the life I do with Aaron and Tatton. I think being grown up is so much more fun than those days growing up and trying to figure things out. Anyway, here's some pictures of us from Friday... it was sooo windy. Hopefully it doesn't get too cold otherwise little Tatton won't be making an appearance at the games.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Don't Know How to Put This...

But I'm kind of a big deal. Anchorman is one of our favorite movies and I could not help myself from buying this shirt. It's from the Gap so I'm pretty sure it's not pulled from this movie but oh well. He's our little Ron Burgandy...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grandpa Loves to Torture

Tatton's getting pretty tough with all the torture he has to put up with here. Grandpa keeps him on the look out. Between Aaron and my Dad, that kid doesn't stand a chance...

Bears 1-0

In case you wondering the Bears did win. Tatton was excited... Looks like with Orton as the QB there might actually be some competition this season. Aaron's pretty stoked that Grossman was benched. We had a good little football party... again. I don't think it's going to be possible for Tatton to like any other team or play any other sport.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back at Work...

I had to go back to work this week. I have been so lucky to be furloughed and spend all day with Tatton but it all came to a sad end when I got the call. Monday was my first day back and it was soo hard. I thought for sure that going back this time wouldn't be as hard as it was when Tatton was about 4 months. I was wrong, it was even harder. I guess because he is turning into more of a little boy with a big personality, it's harder to leave him knowing that he is now aware of what's going on? I don't know. Either way I don't like it. I used to work 5-9 am and left him with Aaron in the mornings and then when I got home Aaron left for work. Now that we're living in Morgan we were, well I was, kind of hoping that I wouldn't get called back this season (yeah right) because we knew it would be a tougher schedule to pull off. So we finally arranged for me to work 5-10 am, notice the extra hour (Aaron says that makes it worth driving down everyday). Aaron stays home with Tatton until he wakes up, usually between 7 or 8, then he takes him down to his Mom's. So Grandma gets to play with Tatton for about 2 1/2 hours everyday, until I get home, which is wonderful. I am so very happy that Grandma is the one who takes care of our little guy. I couldn't ask for a better set up, and I shouldn't complain since I don't have to work full time, but I still miss being home, and miss Tatton. I've gotten used to waking up everyday cuddled with Aaron, and hearing Tatton chatting in his crib. I would get Tatton and feed him in bed and then all three of us would cuddle in our big, warm bed and play until Daddy had to go to work. Now I'm the one getting up early leaving while it's still dark and cold. It's sad. I can't wait to be furloughed again or until we move to Vegas so that I can always be home. I just love being a wifey and mommy too much! Thanks Goldie for taking care of us so that I can stay home as much as I do, love you, and Mary Sue for your BIG help with the little monster!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 11th

I hope we can all honor those who lost their lives today 7 years ago and support our Troops, our President and our Country in the continuing War against those who attacked the US. Today while I was driving home Kbull 93 was playing, as usual, their songs with clips of people talking about their loved ones. At one point they had all kids talking about their mom or dad that had died, and other kids talking about how it was sad that some kids didn't have a mom or dad anymore to read them stories at night. I just balled all the way home (a 40 minute drive by the way) as I was ofcourse thinking about Aaron and Tatton. I thought about all those families and how devasted they must have been, and for the families who are losing their loved ones everyday over in Iraq. My heart completely goes out to them. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that I'm so grateful that we have soldiers today protecting our families and freedom.

Friday, September 5, 2008

um there was a slight mishap to the Bears playing last night...they didn't. A certain someone got the dates wrong and they are actually playing on Sunday. oops! We still had good food and a great party anyway... ha ha!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chicago Bears

In honor of my hubby's team the Chicago Bears playing Thursday night... I figured it was time for a manly post in his behalf. He's going to Vegas in October to start testing for the Police Academy. Good luck babe!! So here are some pics of manly things. His motorcycle, our new car, and some cops. Go Bears!!


Our little guy is getting so big. These are a few pictures of him lately just being silly, that's what we do all day long. Lately he has found a new freedom of sleeping without his "straight jacket" and is a complete belly sleeper. He's definitely my boy with sleeping on his tummy. He now gets his knees tucked under with his little bum in the air. I don't know how he does that all night long but it's cute. Aaron would like you to note the Chicago Bears binkie...

Happy Birthday Gma Richards

This is Aaron's Grandma Richards. We got together with his family in her celebration. I don't think she was pleased to be turning another year older but we had a good time! This is her little dog Queenie who was mauled by Tatton. We finally got a picture with all the kids and Gma and Gpa Gold, we were just missing the other Gold kids. Happy Birthday Grandma!

The Grizwald's Go Camping

We went camping up in the Uintah's in August. I finally got the camera/computer working so I could FINALLY update the blog with pics. It was a lot of fun to get away with the family. I love to camp with the fam for many reasons but primarily due to the massive amounts of food my Mom brings. We left on a Sunday and we were supposed to be at my Mom and Dad's at about noon-ish. We were late and so as we rushed into their house my Mom had food and boxes covering their front entrance and living room. The mixer was going, the oven was beeping and there was of course "gorp" covering the whole kitchen table. My Mom has always made her gorp (homemade trail mix-much better than anything in the store) for all family vacations now. She always makes banana bread too for camping. This year she made a new edition of zucchini bread with chocolate in it which was named the Obama Hope Bread... although the looks of it were kinda scary, it was just a black loaf of bread, it was actually really good. Anyway so my Mom was clearly not ready to leave and my Dad was impatiently trying to get it all packed in the truck. As many of you know my parents you can probably picture and hear the words "Good grief Kathy!" It was an entertaining afternoon to see the whole process of how much food my Mom brings trying to squeeze it all in the truck with my Dad trying to purposely leave it behind. We made it up to the Uintahs eventually to the H.A.F.B. camp (compliments of Kathy and her job) It's a really nice camp with cabins, trailers, campsites and a playground for the little ones. We got to stay in the trailors the first two nights and then camped in the tent the last night. The kids had a riot on the playground, literally there were some riots that broke out but what can you expect with a bunch of grand kids playing with each other for 3 days straight. I'd have to say the highlights were my Mom being rushed to the hospital to find out she had kidney stones, the panic of thinking Robby was lost only to find out he was just in the bathroom with Aunt Andrea and the good old four-wheeling. Thanks fam for a good time, and Rylee for being our stole-away kid that helped with Tatton a TON!!