Wednesday, September 24, 2008

High School Football Games

I was going to do this post last Friday night after the game but instead became violently ill. Alright maybe not violent but I was grossly sick with the flu over the weekend. It then passed onto to Aaron, Tatton and my Dad. Anyway, we're all good now, no worries at the sick house. The past few weeks we have been going over to the Morgan High School Football games, the home ones, we're not traveling for the away games... It's been so fun to spend our Friday nights at the games. Tatton actually has a lot of fun being outside and just observing the whole thing. My favorite game thus far was two weeks ago when Park City beat Morgan, but normally I cheer for those Trojans! I was watching the high school kids on Friday, it was Homecoming, and got thinking about the old days. It's just funny how life changes so drastically in just a few short years. I'm so glad I'm who I am today and lead the life I do with Aaron and Tatton. I think being grown up is so much more fun than those days growing up and trying to figure things out. Anyway, here's some pictures of us from Friday... it was sooo windy. Hopefully it doesn't get too cold otherwise little Tatton won't be making an appearance at the games.


Thurston Fam said...

I miss going to watch football games! I can't even imagine what "cold" weather feels like??? I am jealous! We are soooo hott.. on a positive note.. it is cooling of a little bit. I miss the fall in Utah, so beautiful! I haven't seen fall in Utah for like 5 years! crazy!