Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!

I can't believe that Tatton is already one. This past year has gone by so fast, it makes me sad thinking of how much has changed since our little guy was born. Aaron and I were so excited that morning driving to the hospital. We hardly slept the night before since we couldn't wait to meet our little man. It turned out to be a long wait til we could see him. Tatton wasn't budging and his little heart beat started getting slower. The Dr. decided to do an emergency c-section so that we could get that little guy out. So finally at 8:30 that night we finally heard his first little cry. I couldn't see him, with the big blue curtain in the way, but I could just hear him screaming. Aaron finally brought him over and he was the cutest little fuzz ball. Aaron had his hair combed into a mohawk (sp?) just like his. I think that's probably why I love Tatton with a mohawk in his hair still, it reminds me of his first hair-do. I couldn't wait to hold him and when I was finally able to, I coudn't believe I was holding my tiny little baby boy. Now that he's one and has changed so much, I have that same feeling again. I can't believe Tatton is turning into a little boy. It's so fun to see him learn and to be so silly at this age, but it makes me sad thinking he'll never be a baby again. Anyway, so ofcourse in his honor we threw him a little party, a cowboy party, he was the outlaw. He had his own cake to destroy, which surprisingly he ate it for awhile with a fork... he's so dainty, we've taught him such good manners... Aaron had enough of that and showed Tatton how to really dig into his cake so by the end, he was eating fistfuls of chocolate cake and smearing it all over. We really didn't get him a whole lot as far as presents go seeing as how he got everything he needed and more from Christmas. He did however love the blow up car with the balls. He balled when we took him out of it to go to bed, it was very tragic. I think that's his favorite toy now. He dives in it, rolls around, climbs in and out and flips upside down in it all day long. So I think to him, his first birthday was a hit. Oh, and his front facing car seat was also one of his favorite birthday items. The first time he sat in it, he just clenched onto his arm rests and stared out the front window, I think he was a little nervous. But he loves it now and his cup holder is actually a toy holder, not a drink holder for some reason.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two Random Things

So this is really random but I forgot about this picture. This is us standing in line at the mall to see Santa. This lady came up and asked if we put fake eye lashes on Tatton for the picture? It might be kind of hard to see in this small picture, but granted the kid does have long eye lashes... who would put fake ones on their little boy?? Yikes lady! Anyway, secondly, I've been a little hesitant to post about this but I figured the questions would come so I might as well let you all know the whole story that as of now we're not going to Vegas anymore. We were supposed to hear from the Academy sometime in February if Aaron made it or not, but this weekend we got a letter in the mail notifying Aaron that he would not be hired right now, and that he can apply again in December 2009. Seeing as how we weren't even expecting anything to come until February, we were both pretty devastated, it came out of nowhere. We always felt sure about this decision and so even though we joked about "Plan B" we didn't really plan for it. So now we're trying to figure out that "Plan B". Aaron still wants to be a cop so he's going to keep applying in other areas, and apply for Vegas again in December. Until then, I guess we'll be hanging around at my Mom and Dad's for a little while until we figure things out. The stay at my parent's was supposed to be temporary, but now my Mom is ecstatic that she has us for a little bit longer... we on the other hand feel like bums. Oh well, we'll figure it out, atleast we know that for some unknown reason Vegas wasn't right for us right now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Graduation Rusty!

Yes, this is my brother Rusty and he did just graduate with a business degree... The hair you might ask? Challise was in the back seat of the car and he left it in for some reason. Anyway, we had a little party for the grad with the fam. They brought up Rock Band and Wii Fit. It was a blast!! There were a lot more people later, a bit of table dancing, some rocking out with the guitars, but unfortunately I didn't get any of that on the camera. And we all ended up playing for so long we never even got to the Wii Fit, boo. Sadly the kids who play guitar hero all the time were the pros... kids these days... but I told Aaron we need to get one of these, it was good times!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Update

Alright, there you go. A long update of our Christmas. We managed to squeeze in a fun Christmas in between my obsessive reading of Twilight (I'm done.) Aaron and Tatton are very happy that I'm back into the real world. They were really good books, and I love the movie. Anyway, my dad's sleigh, titled "Grandpa's Sleigh" has been used a lot this year. With all the new snow, my dad's been busy out there. So of course we had to take Tatton on a Christmas Eve Sleigh Ride. It was good times as you can tell. Tatton got the hang of opening presents pretty quick, but he loved the bows the best for some reason. He's been stealing those for about the last month. And the candy canes are a hit with him, I would have thought they would be too hot but it doesn't seem to bother him so oh well. We had a lot of fun this year having a child to share the joy of Christmas with. I'm a Christmas Freak so it was nice to be able to pretend that the exitement for Christmas this year was just for Tatton...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Reality Check

Sorry for the neglect of my sad little blog. All I can say is that I am reading Twilight...