Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Graduation Rusty!

Yes, this is my brother Rusty and he did just graduate with a business degree... The hair you might ask? Challise was in the back seat of the car and he left it in for some reason. Anyway, we had a little party for the grad with the fam. They brought up Rock Band and Wii Fit. It was a blast!! There were a lot more people later, a bit of table dancing, some rocking out with the guitars, but unfortunately I didn't get any of that on the camera. And we all ended up playing for so long we never even got to the Wii Fit, boo. Sadly the kids who play guitar hero all the time were the pros... kids these days... but I told Aaron we need to get one of these, it was good times!


Lauren Tatton said...

Looks like fun! wish we were with you!