Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We got Tatton all cowboyed up for the Pioneer Days Rodeo this year. I took a little drive up to good old Smith and Edwards and could not help myself from getting Tatton the whole ensemble. He had a little cowboy hat, his western shirt, a real belt buckle on his belt, Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots. I must say he looked pretty darn cute. We met up with the family and Natalie and Sheldon for some dinner at the Pizzeria and then headed to the Rodeo. It was a lot of fun, little warm, but fun. I snuck a picture of my Dad standing when they asked to recognize all the Veterans in the audience. We were taken back by how many people stood up, it was a nice recognition. The rodeo was quite good, the mc was from Texas and was a lot of fun and the clown was actually pretty funny this year too. We're tempted to go back again tomorrow... it was that good! Happy Birthday Rory!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Real Food!!

Tatton finally got to indulge in some real food. He just looked so funny and adorable with it all over his face I had to get some pics, and ofcourse share them! So far his all time favorites have been squash and pears. He extremely dislikes peaches. Oddly he seems to be more of a vegetable kid than fruit. He was downing carrots over bananas so we hope he keeps that up!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4th of July

As usual we went to Liberty Days this year with the fam. We stuffed ourselves with breakfast and then got ready for the main event. Grandpa's Sleigh made it's debut in the Liberty Parade. Morgan held Tatton on her lap and she said he just sat there, go Tatton! You'll notice a picture of Michelle and Rusty who coincidentally wore the same outfit, it was real cute. We hung out in Liberty for the day and then headed over to Morgan for the fireworks. Tatton LOVED them. I had just started to feed him and all the sudden the fireworks started. I kept hearing this weird noise from underneath the blanket so I thought that he had started to cry. So I got him up and he had just been giggling. The boom just made him crack up. So we laid him on the blanket with us so he could watch the fireworks and he just laughed and laughed. Then about 5 minutes into them he must have gotten bored because he surprisingly just fell asleep.

Swim Party

This was our little swim party with Aaron's family. We had a bbq, swam and sat and talked for awhile. We enjoyed ourselves. But unfortunately Aaron did some bad planning and forgot that he couldn't swim with his surgery so he was our lifeguard on the side of the pool. Sorry babe! Tatton and I had some fun, he likes to be dunked under water. Karlee, our niece, was a trooper to come. The night before she was getting something out of the bed of their truck standing on the tire. She slipped and her mouth hit the side of the truck and knocked her two front teeth out. I cringe just thinking of it. But the next morning she went to the dentist and got it all taken care of and was swimming with us that afternoon, see a trooper! We're glad she's ok!

Grandpa's Sleigh

Yup, it wouldn't be a white trash trip to Morgan with out a ride on Grandpa's Sleigh. We finally got a turn on the hog. Aaron, the gimp, was our driver, Robby was up for the weekend so we threw him in with Grandma, and Tatton and I brought up the rear. We took a little drive down to the Gold's Farm so Robby could see some of the animals. Mary Sue gave him a real goose egg that he was quite thrilled with. It really was a blast. Randy out did himself. Thanks Randy for all your hard work. We all love it!

The Bumbo!!

He finally got a Bumbo. We love this little chair, and Tatton does too. We feel bad now for not getting it earlier. He plays in it and eats in it, sits at the table with us now. It's great...

Tatton's New Pool

We got Tatton this sweet little pool for his leisure summer days. He has loved it. We love going to the pool, but sometimes it's not worth it when Tatton only swims for an hour. So we figured this would be a good alternative for some quick dips. Unfortunaletely there is really only room for one, it's just his size!

Emma's Birthday Party

This is Tatton's little girlfriend Emma. I love the fact that Tatton has his hand on her leg... he's puttin' the moves on early! He was invited to her birthday party for some swimming and cake action. We had a lot of fun! McKennen and Janel are leaving for Puerto Rico this month. McKennen was accepted to med school, Congratulations!! We'll miss them. Good luck!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tatton's Naps

Thanks Deamer girls for the advice. I had tried the old cry yourself asleep trick awhile ago and it did NOT go over well. But I decided to, after the encouragement, to try it again. I could see the future and Tatton would be like 5 and still having to rock him asleep or something weird so I was determined to get it down. The past few days he cried and screamed for a good 1/2 hour or so and didn't go to sleep but yesterday for the first time he fell asleep after crying for just 10 minutes, and today he fell asleep before I even got him into his crib!! So I hope it continues and that it's just not a fluke. Thanks a heap again for the advice!!