Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Real Food!!

Tatton finally got to indulge in some real food. He just looked so funny and adorable with it all over his face I had to get some pics, and ofcourse share them! So far his all time favorites have been squash and pears. He extremely dislikes peaches. Oddly he seems to be more of a vegetable kid than fruit. He was downing carrots over bananas so we hope he keeps that up!


Deamers said...

That is funny, because that is exactly how Reese is! The very first fruit she had was peaches and she hated it. She always liked veggies better and still does. The only problem is i have a way hard time still getting her to eat any fruits. She eat a whole can of peas and then spits out the strawberry. But we have continued to work on it and now she'll eat a few fruits, kind of.

Lauren Tatton said...

He is so cute that looks Yummy!