Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Grizwald's Go Camping

We went camping up in the Uintah's in August. I finally got the camera/computer working so I could FINALLY update the blog with pics. It was a lot of fun to get away with the family. I love to camp with the fam for many reasons but primarily due to the massive amounts of food my Mom brings. We left on a Sunday and we were supposed to be at my Mom and Dad's at about noon-ish. We were late and so as we rushed into their house my Mom had food and boxes covering their front entrance and living room. The mixer was going, the oven was beeping and there was of course "gorp" covering the whole kitchen table. My Mom has always made her gorp (homemade trail mix-much better than anything in the store) for all family vacations now. She always makes banana bread too for camping. This year she made a new edition of zucchini bread with chocolate in it which was named the Obama Hope Bread... although the looks of it were kinda scary, it was just a black loaf of bread, it was actually really good. Anyway so my Mom was clearly not ready to leave and my Dad was impatiently trying to get it all packed in the truck. As many of you know my parents you can probably picture and hear the words "Good grief Kathy!" It was an entertaining afternoon to see the whole process of how much food my Mom brings trying to squeeze it all in the truck with my Dad trying to purposely leave it behind. We made it up to the Uintahs eventually to the H.A.F.B. camp (compliments of Kathy and her job) It's a really nice camp with cabins, trailers, campsites and a playground for the little ones. We got to stay in the trailors the first two nights and then camped in the tent the last night. The kids had a riot on the playground, literally there were some riots that broke out but what can you expect with a bunch of grand kids playing with each other for 3 days straight. I'd have to say the highlights were my Mom being rushed to the hospital to find out she had kidney stones, the panic of thinking Robby was lost only to find out he was just in the bathroom with Aunt Andrea and the good old four-wheeling. Thanks fam for a good time, and Rylee for being our stole-away kid that helped with Tatton a TON!!


Royce Tatton said...

Looks like fun! We're bummed we missed out on it. We've camped once out here to make ourselves feel better. Tatton is growing up so fast. He's pretty cute.