Friday, March 28, 2008

Biggest Loser

So Aaron decided to start a Biggest Loser Program at his work. You had to enter $20 that went into a jackpot that the winner gets at the end of 12 weeks. Every Friday is weigh-in and they opened it up to allow employees' families and friends to participate. So needless to say I joined Aaron on our weightloss campaign. It was perfect timing I must say with just having our baby and our trip coming up to Vegas in June!! Aaron has been doing really well and I'm so proud at how hard he is working. Today was our 2nd weigh-in. Aaron lost 4.6 lb. this past week and I lost 2 lb. It's been tough to fit in working out with Tatton around. It seems I hardly get anything done since I just want to play with him all day! But it's getting better, and with the warmer weather we've been able to go on some good "speed" walks. Aaron has brought home a stationary bike which has helped out. Tonight he just went and bought a work out bar and weights of some sort so hopefully that will help too. We want to atleast get back to our weight when we got married, and want to get to that by June so wish us luck!! We'll see what we get to next Friday!

Do you think we can make it?


Lauren Tatton said...

You Guys are Great! You are Good inspiration! Me and Royce should join in!You can do it! You both look just great how you are though! Love you guys! Lauren and Royce