Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 years ago I was...

1. 14, living in Park City probably at a youth conference or something.
2. Had no idea who I was or wanted in life.
3. No bills, no hubby, no kids... no life!
4. In our 8th grade play The Sound of Music... awesome I know. Just a nun in the back, I cannot sing.
5. A nanny for the best family the McLaws. I love Brad and Chris, and their kids Jacob, Rachel and Sara. Chris became my best friend and I learned and grew up so much while helping them. Miss them a ton!

5 Things on today's "To Do" list...:)...

1. Catch up the blog.
2. Some laundry and cleaning.
3. Dinner early so that we can make it to another darn football game tonight.
4. Huh, my days seem so busy with so much to do but right now I am literally stumped?
5. Oh, go through Tatton's clothes and pull out all the too small ones, pack them up, and then unpack hand me downs from Robby and Kru. Unpack my winter clothes and pack up some summer ones

5 Things I would do if I were a Millionaire...

1. Keep most in a nest egg, and some aside for a boob job or lift after having all the kids.
2. Pay off Aaron's school and our WorldMark/Wydham Share.
3. Give a good chunk to a good charity.
4. Buy a nice home with property and fill it with everything Aaron and I have ever wanted.
5. School tuition for our kids.

5 Places I would like to visit....

1. France
2. London
3. A trip to the East including many states... Aaron's mission states, all the church sites, New York and just a bunch of places all over there.
4. Hawaii
5. Italy

5 Places I have lived...

1. Park City
2. Morgan
3. Logan
4. Clearfield
5. North Ogden

5 Jobs I have had...

1. 1st job: Deb's Spicy Pie... the old one pre-out of business location. Hopefully I didn't contribute to it going out?
2. Chad's Sprinkling, yup I know sprinklers. My brother Ryan managed the store, and two of my brothers and a cousin have worked there... kind of tradition I guess, good times.
3. Standard Plumbing, the only job I could find at the time up in Logan. I miss that town.
4. North Ogden Dental, surprisingly loved cleaning teeth and all that yucky stuff. I worked with my cousin who is a dentist there and it was a blast.
5. IRS, I like it better when I'm furloughed.

Thanks Nel, I tag Lauren, Katie and Ashley


Thurston Fam said...

I love that you were a Nun in the school sound of music play! That is cool. I bet you have a good voice! Boob job is a definite for saggy mommy boobies that I have too!