Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grandpa Creamer

I have the cutest Grandpa ever and yesterday my Mom, Tatton and myself went to visit him. He hasn't seen Tatton in awhile so he got a kick out of him walking and saying "uh-oh" over and over. My Grandpa just turned 88 and he's still going strong. He is so funny to talk with and listen to him tell stories of the old days. Tatton is a little shy with him, but very curious about his wheel chair, so we need to do better about visiting more often. We also got to see my cousin Heather's twin girls Hadley and Kennedy. They are just a month older than Tatton. They were all being a little shy but eventually they warmed up, Hadley was still a little frightened by Tatton though. Those girls are so cute, and I loved their outfits..."thing 1 and thing 2." I was so glad to see Tatton have some interaction with someone his age, he normally doesn't really get to play with other babies so we'll have to come play again!


Chelsi Lasater said...

hello casserole. thinking of you for two reasons...
1. we just watched the seinfeld episode where jerry attempts the roommate switch. ;)
2. Flipping through the channels, moulin rouge was on, and we caught the part where he says, "my little strawberry!!" i was explaining to spence that that's where oatmeal and casserole started from. as for pippy and tom...well...that just came out of nowhere didn't it?

hope you're doing fabulously!!


Thurston Fam said...

I am sorry your hott date wasn't a suprrise.. but I'm glad you got feeling better! and make sure you go snowboarding because before you know it you'll have baby 2 on the way!