Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where's Tatton?

Yesterday Tatton decided to go hide without me knowing. I was changing Lincoln's bum and putting him down for a nap when I realized it was suspiciously quiet. So I started calling for Tatton briefly walking by all the rooms, through the kitchen and living room. Silence. Went down to his room. Nothing. So then a bit of panick kicked in. Tatton likes to hide in the closet but sometimes once inside he can't get the door open again. So I checked there but no Tatton to be seen. I checked the front and back doors which have child proof knobs on them but I thought maybe yesterday was the day he figured them out. But no, the doors were still closed. I started walking in every room very carefully now and finally heard a little giggle from the bathroom. At first glance, there's not really anywhere to hide in the bathroom right? Wrong, there's always the good old shower to hide in... and drink apple juice in.

A few pictures from today. I think I had the same idea as just about every other Mom in Morgan. Finally a sunny, warm day=take the kids to the park. Call me unsocial but the first one we went to was ridiculously crowded. So we drove around until we found a park that didn't have massive amounts of people.

This little gem of a picture was taken while I was trying to make grilled cheese sandwhiches. I thought I got the cheese out but when I went to slice some, I couldn't find it. Then I realized why. Apparently he was too hungry to wait.


Amanda&Brady said...

He is soo cute!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren Tatton said...

Cute/aahh! He is growing up and he sounds like a boy after his dad's heart! Cant wait to see you!

Chelsi Lasater said...