Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Milk for Trade

Last Friday night Aaron and I went to the football game and left the kiddos with my Mom. Lincoln is pretty stubborn when it comes to eating from a bottle, but when he's finally hungry enough he'll do it. So Aaron and I came back from the game and were in the kitchen saying hi to Tatton, and talking with my Mom, my sister Kristin and my sister-in-law Lauren, Lincoln was asleep in bed. They were all making pies and cinnamon rolls for a Thanksgiving dinner we were having the next day while Royce and Lauren were visiting from Connecticut. Amidst all this I hear...
mom "did you confess yet?"
kristin "kathy!"
me "confess what? what are you guys talking about?"
kristin "nothing"
i go and pick up George, my nephew, Kristin's baby.
mom "oh look, see now you guys can trade, a little tit for tat"
me "what?"
kristin "kathy!"
mom "Lincoln was just screaming and would not take his bottle"
me "he wouldn't drink any of it? did you finally just feed him some food like bananas?"
mom "well he was so hungry and wouldn't take anything, and he was just screaming"
kristin "so i said just give him to me and i'll feed him"
mom "and it was like instant relief, it was just what he wanted"
kristin "he looked at me for a second, like you're not my mom, but he ate"
me "you nursed Lincoln?!"
kristin "yup, he tanked up and went right to bed, and he's still asleep"
me "oh my goodness, poor kid. he's got a little kristin in him now!"
mom "see so you should go feed george now, do some milk trading."

Needless to say I did NOT feed George. I have a strict my kids only policy... I don't know how Kristin did it. I don't think I could feed anyone else's child. I'm grateful because she calmed down my child and fed him, but I don't know, it still baffles me.


Lauren Tatton said...

haha! I dont know how is happened sorry!

Thurston Fam said...

yes, I don't know if I could either. But if a baby was crying hard enough.. maybe- to save the day! ha ha ha great stories for Lincoln in the future!

Challise and Rusty said...

ha ha ha... good times at the Tatton house. Food is food... right?

Deamers said...

gross. That's all I can say.