Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meet Buzz, Woody.......and Jack

Halloween this year was a lot of fun!
We started out with doing a little pumpkin carving,

got dressed up as the coolest duo around, Buzz and Woody,

went Trick-or-Treating in the rain with all the cousins,

stayed entertained in the rain while the kids stocked up on candy,

and got a puppy!! What little boy could ask for a better Halloween?!

Jack, our little chocolate lab. aka: Tatton and Lincoln's best buddy!


Deamers said...

Did you guys make the costumes? I'm sure you did, i bet the buzz was hard but it looks so good. It was too bad you guys didn't come up here for halloween I guess it's getting to hard with all of you.

Lauren Tatton said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Wish we were there! Love the costumes!

Chelsi Lasater said...

that buzz costume is uh-mazing!

The Fitness Sisters said...

Oh my, those are the cutest costumes EVER. I've never seen a cuter duo!