Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Sniffer and The Shoes

(Still no internet or pictures, fyi)
I don't know about at your home but I've got some interesting things going on at mine. Tatton has turned into a sniffer... extreme sniffer. He will sniff our breath and demand to know what we were eating, especially if it was chocolate. He sniffs out popcorn a mile away so my Mom has learned that the popcorn needs to be popped after Tatton has been long asleep otherwise that turns into a late night popcorn snack fest. He will come into the kitchen asking what that dinner smell is, or want to know what smell is coming from the microwave. He can smell everything and wants to know what it is because I think he feels shorted if he's not eating it too. Then there are the outdoor smells as well... but that's a whole other story. Then Lincoln lately is OBSESSED with shoes. This poor little guy I think wakes up with his whole day revolved around putting shoes on. He will surprisingly usually just get his on and on the right feet, but as soon as he sees a pair of Tatton's around he has to take his off and work on getting big brothers' on. I would have expected the tantrums he throws when he can't get a shoe on or that the laces aren't tied more from a girl, but no. He can get pretty upset when he gets frustrated with a pair. Needless to say the bending over with the prego belly to pick up endless shoe trails around the house is becoming quite the chore. But oh well, life here would be pretty boring without my little nose detector and shoe thief!


Ashley said...

I love that your mom has to sneak her popcorn!

Will you be around in July? We should do another swim party at G'pa's house.

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