Monday, April 14, 2008

First Hair Cut

Grandma Kathy was a little sad that we cut his hair, but honestly the mullet had to go. He was starting to get a little rat tail. So Sunday morning before church Aaron gave Tatton his first hair cut. He just used the clippers to get rid of the mullet in the back and evened things out. He still has all his hair on top Mom, don't worry. I thought the clippers might have scared him a little but he just sat there and smiled!


Ashley said...

The first hair is a big milestone! And what a good mom you are to take pictures, I forgot my camera when Ryan got his first haircut by Katie. :o(

Now that we finally have some warmish weather let's take our little dudes out for a walk together some time!

Lauren Tatton said...

So Cute! You are such a good mommy!