Monday, April 14, 2008

A Little Bit of Catching Up...

At 10 weeks Tatton rolled over, well almost all the way over. He got a little stuck. I was about to change his bum, his clothes are usually on all the way.

Two little slackers during conference. Tatton tuckered Grandpa right out.

Somebody has discovered their tongue. Love these pj's by the way, thank you Deamer's. They are actually 6-12 mo. but I tried them on him the other day and unfortunately they fit. This kid is growing way too fast!

Tatton is getting pretty good at sitting up for a few seconds before face planting it, and he loves to stand up now. His new shirt from Grandma (thank you) says Mommy Adores Me... it's true. I have so much fun with him as he figures out his little body.