Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Car

So when we were prego with Tatton, we had all the time in the world to get his room done, buy all the baby stuff, decorate his room, pack our hospital bag... it was like a fairytale looking back. Today, it's a frantic, ah crap we only have 2 weeks to get everything done before the little guy comes. It's not so much a fairytale this time. But the most difficult part or stressing part of it is that on top of just the "getting everything for baby ready" we also are desperately trying to find a new car. Why you ask? About two weeks ago on my way to work on a snowy morning, I slid around a corner on good old Morgan Valley Drive. I realized I was going wherever the car wanted to go, I had no control anymore and I knew I was headed right for a house. Luckily I hit their big pile up of snow from shoveling their driveway. But it was pure ice and so when I hit it head on, the air bags deployed, since I hit it so hard, and it launched the car into the air, not stopping it like I had hoped. So I flew my car across 15 ft in the air until it landed in these poor people's yard and slid for about another 10 ft (bonus points for taking out their garbage can too!) It didn't feel like I was going to stop anytime soon and I was headed toward a huge pinetree in their yard. Due to the landing though and probably hitting the ice bank, both of the front tires had just broken off so I finally stopped sliding 3 ft from hitting the tree. Accidents such as this are no bueno for a then 35 week old pregnant girl. From that point I was just in panick mode. I called Aaron sobbing, I had to call 911 sobbing, I had to talk to the sheriff sobbing, and sit in the ambulance sobbing. Everything seemed to be ok, but I had to go to the hospital for fetal monitoring just to make sure the baby was alright. So again, a car ride with Aaron consuling me while I sobbed, and laughed, but mostly sobbed. We got to spend the day in the hospital, Aaron drinking "hospital grape juice" while I was hooked up to monitors and watched movies. Everything is just fine, our little baby wasn't bothered at all by my dukes of hazzard moves, and I was just sore and tired for a few days. But the car was not suprisingly totalled and so now we have been on a car hunt, ugh. It's just a little added stress that we weren't expecting. There is a lot of pressure to make sure we find a good, reliable car, or suv or mini van (oh yeah) so that we can bring our baby home in our car, and not one that we're borrowing or renting. It's just a pain. But anywho, so last weekend when we found out our car was totalled for sure we started some serious shopping, going from car lot to car lot, and people trying to find something. But nothing yet. Along with our car hunt we've tried to get every little last thing on the list for the baby, slightly redone Tatton's room, and celebrated Aaron's 26th Birthday..... we've been busy. So needless to say, one of my favorite parts of the day is when this happens:

Just some cuddling with Tatton. I was very fortunate to actually get furloughed 2 days after my accident which is very odd for this time of year at the IRS. But I couldn't have asked for a more perfect time to just be home with Tatton and somewhat resting when I can. It's a sneek peek of life after the baby comes because (shh don't tell my work) but I'm planning on quitting after the baby. I'm so looking forward to just staying home with my two little boys, well three when Aaron gets home work... Until then, the chaos will continue but only for two more weeks!


Ashley said...

Yeesh! I'm sorry that happened! I hope you are feeling better and I'm so glad that the baby is okay. What a week!

As a mini van owner myself I can only's not so bad. ;O) We actually really love our van. Good luck with the hunt and a happy belated birthday to Aaron!