Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Day So Far...

1. Mail package at Post Office. End up paying for package and an unused large, torn shipping envelope due to Tatton...
2. Registration at DMV (yes, we finally got a car, but that's a different story). Try and clean up smashed Smarties all over the floor from Tatton and apologize a million times for Tatton pulling a computer plug out of the wall.
3. After going potty at the grocery store Tatton decided last second to throw in his sticker down the toilet which at first he thought was funny, but later realized was not so funny since it was gone and threw a fit.
4. While fixing lunch Tatton proceeded to take off his pants and underwear, climb up to the kitchen chair and pee all over it.
5. During my attempt to clean up said urine, Tatton climbed up to the table, grabbed the bottle of Lysol cleaner ad squirted who knows how much into his mouth.
6. After lunch while cleaning up the dishes, Tatton decided to squat in the middle of the living room floor and relieve himself of his poop.

Naptime... check.
Doing absolutely nothing but taking some breather time for myself... check.


Lauren Tatton said...

Oh I you need some you time! The new one is almost here! : ) Tatton is so cute! What kind of car did you get? Im glad you got one!

Chelsi Lasater said...

Oh honey! Whew!! Good job for keeping your cool!