Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little A and Lincoln

What a busy weekend we had! On Friday night Aaron and Tatton participated in their first "Father and Son Campout" with the ward for the Priesthood Commemoration. So Tatton and Aaron packed up the tent and sleeping bags and headed out. I must say that I was not going to be surprised if at 11 o'clock at night they walked back in the door, but they never did. They survived the night. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of that tent to really see how that went. But they had a lot of fun and Tatton was so excited to go camping! Then Saturday morning our Young Women had a Girls Camp Fundraiser Breakfast, held at the park where all the boys were sleeping in their tents. So bright and early we had to go set up to cook breakfast... especially for all those boys. The girls had a lot of fun and we had a good turn out to support them and earn money for camp! After all the cleaning up of the breakfast then we met up with our friends Natalie and Sheldon and headed to the Zoo! It was finally a warm Saturday so we took advantage of it. Tatton was so excited to see Zuri, the baby elephant. She is pretty cute and still really small. I thought she'd be bigger by now but anyway. Then Sunday we got to visit with Lauren and finally see Little Adalynn for the first time! She is a cutie, it's fun to have little babies the same age. Her and Lincoln are about 5 weeks apart.

On the way to the Zoo... Tatton put his own stunna shades on.

Poor Lincoln, he's not old enough yet to know what's going on... why he's being carried around in the sun drinking from a bottle with a ton of different noises. He was a trooper though.

Sheldon was excited for the Zoo.

And finally the two little babies. I love the distinction between girl and boy in these pictures. They could not have been decked out in more pink and blue. They are both smiling at their own Mommies, how cute is that!

I had to get a picture of the legs, sorry Lauren! They were just too irresistible.


Deamers said...

Apparently I'm behind at reading blogs, you had a lot of posts that I missed. First off he is a little weasle! I bet your always nervous he's going to do something. THat's a boy for you , I don't really ever have probs like that, although Reese always grabs the cheese block and takes bites off it if I'm not careful too. If you're going to the airplane museum any time soon let me know we would love to go. Or if your up this way, we haven't even seen your little dude.

Lauren Tatton said...

I love those legs! It is amazing I'm in aahh daily! It was fun to have them together!