Friday, July 30, 2010

So this was a first today...

After Tatton was done eating lunch I heard this little comment: "I wanna go read stories, I'm ready for bed." I asked him to make sure if he was ready to go night night? And he said "Yeah, I'm pretty tired." So with that we went potty, read stories and he was off for his nap!
Another little story I want to remember because we didn't have our camera with us was last Sunday at Gma Gold's house. We had a bbq and we were all just sitting in the backyard talking. The hose was on watering some trees. So of course eventually Tatton's head was wet, then his shirt, and finally his pants. So we stripped him down to just his undies and let him go for it all with the water. Then somehow he ended up taking his undies off and was sitting in the big mud puddle of the tree bare bummed. He stood up, and started smearing mud all over his belly and legs and arms and then pronounced, "I'm black!"


Chelsi Lasater said...

lol!!!! oh i love it!! i love how accepting of other races he is. go tatton!! my neices point at EVERY. BLACK. WOMAN. and say, "Look!! It's Tianna!!"