Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ethan Roy

Introducing our newest young man to the family!  

 This little guy is already over two weeks!  We've been been so busy with our family of 4 boys that I haven't had time to post about him!  Tatton has been a big helper, especially for Mommy, Lincoln is protective of him and likes to hold Ethan and Harrison loves him almost too much. He is kissing and holding "baby" as much as we'll let him.  The boys couldn't come and see him in the hospital because it was still flu season by hospital policies, I was probably bummed the most.  So when we hot home we had 3 pretty excited boys...
Unfortunately they all were still a little sickly so we got to do the whole mask thing for the first few days, but they looked cute and were troopers about it!  
Ethan's been a good baby, eating, pooping and sleeping, and we've been enjoying having such a precious little guy in our home again!


Jen J said...

Love, love, LOVE the pictures!! You are so beautiful!!!! I wish that I looked that good in my "just given birth" pic's :)
I'm so happy and excited for your cute little family. We love you guys-you're the best!