Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Pictures cont. Yellowstone Style

So this was our little trip to Yellowstone this year. We were really excited to take the boys; it was Lincoln's first visit, and Tatton was old enough to be excited to see the animals. We had a lot of fun, here are some pictures. Again, I'm sorry there are a lot but it's nothing compared to what was on my camera so you really are getting the short version I promise!

All of us at the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone which is a LOT of FUN!

Again, at the Bear and Wolf place.

Swimming in the Firehole River in Yellowstone.

Classic Old Faithful...

Lincoln showing off his new Yellowstone shirt.

The boys playing in the tent with their cute little Yellowstone jammies on.

It got pretty chilly in the night but Lincoln stayed warm all snuggled up and slept really well.

Happy Birthday to me!

I think Tatton liked the cake more than me.

Boy Scout skills at work...

The kiddos enjoying some good old fashion ice cream.


Yellowstone Lake

Tatton and I on our romantic walk on the beach.

Tatton reflecting on life...

These back-packs are one of THE greatest inventions. The cargo is pretty cute too!

Lincoln turned 4 months just before our trip so this is his first go around with rice cereal. Most of it came right back out.

You can't actually see the bear from this unzoomed picture but there is a ginormous grizzlie at the top of the hill about to walk into the tree line to the left. On the other side of those trees are some picnic tables that we were eating dinner at. Luckily Aaron and I felt extremely uncomfortable and had an uneasy feeling while eating. We hurried and packed up and got in the car, drove about ten feet to the other side of the trees and saw the grizzlie. If we would have been there for 5 more minutes, we would have made friends with a bear.
A momma bear and her 2 cubs up by Dunraven Pass.

We went on a stage coach ride up in Roosevelt. Tatton had a blast.

A blurry picture of us on the stage coach ride.

Tatton actually got car sick and puked on our way to the stage coach ride and our bags were at camp so we had to hurry and go buy him some clothes at the gift shop before our ride, hence his awesome way too big lovely shirt.

We got to see some rangers pelting this black bear that was eating on the side of the road. The rangers wanted to scare it away from the road, and make it afraid of humans. We were just happy to see a black bear, and have front row seats from the car to see it all.



We always stop at this museum on the north end of town in Jackson Hole before driving the last stretch into the Tetons and Yellowstone. Good times

Tatton out stretching his legs at the museum, it was a long drive.


Lauren Tatton said...

Wow! That looks like a really great trip! Happy Birthday! You did some really cool things! Cant wait to see the cute boys!

Kellie said...

Looks like a great time. You guys saw more animals up close and personal than we did when we went up there last summer. Do you still have your timeshare?

Cute cute family! :)