Tuesday, August 5, 2008

24th of July

So I'm a little slow on the updating... for the 24th of July we went up to Grandpa's for a BBQ with the Deamers. All the kids took a dip in the pool. Reese, Ryan, Ethan, Hadley and Kennadee (sorry Heather I'm not quite sure how you spell her name!) and Tatton all had a riot in the water. Tatton was quite the little brave one when Aaron drenched him with the hose. Surprisingly he just stood there and took it with a smile. I think Aaron was extremely proud of his tough boy. All in all a nice way to spend the 24th!

That evening we got to have Morgan and Rylee come over while Rory and Michelle went golfing. We took a stroll over to Green Acres Play Ground and then lit some fireworks. They were such a big help with Tatton. He loves the attention he gets from his older cousins. Thanks for playing with us girls!!