Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thanks Kristin!

We got to go up and stay at the Harman's last week and Kristin sent us home with some toys for Tatton. He has loved them. The first time we put Tatton in the walker was up at Kristin's and it was probably like 10 at night; he was just freaking out. There were just so many things to play with he couldn't decide and went from toy to toy. She also gave us a Johnny Jumper. Tatton is out of control in that thing. At first he didn't quite know how to control himself or the chair. He would spin and jump and look at me like it was my fault. I was laughing hysterically. He has since then learned how to control it a little more and just jumps and jumps and jumps... So I just wanted to Thank You Kristin for giving Tatton some extreme entertainment! By the way those pictures of him sitting in the walker... he is watching a move, he's usually not that zoned out.


Lauren Tatton said...

Yeah! I love all the post! I guess if you ask you receive right? Your girls night out sounds like it was a lot of fun! I'm sad I missed out! The little man looks so cute! He is getting bigger! I love him in the walker but it makes me a little sad! How is Aaron doing? Your family looks great! Im glad! Are you enjoying your last summer of cool weather! :)

Deamers said...

In Reese's jonny jumper she would always go so crazy she'd hit her head on the door jam.