Friday, August 15, 2008

Long Update, sorry!

Um Tatton has found his thumb. Dang it kid!! Not cool, we're working on this one. Any suggestions??

Relay for Life

Some of you may know Aaron's Mom has had cancer numerous times. She's one tough cookie! This year we decided to honor and celebrate her by participating in the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. We also did this for Aaron's Grandpa who passed away almost three years ago due to cancer, and Aaron's brother who has had cancer but has been in remission. So last Friday night they kicked it off by all the survivors (in the purple) walk a lap around the track and then everyone else starts taking turns within their team to walk from 6 pm til 6 am. There was ofcourse games, food, auctions and some sleeping involved with the walking and it was a blast. Unfortunately it was cut a little short because for some reason after taking a nap in the morning at like 4 or 5 I woke up and puked. I'm still not quite sure what happened, but we ended up leaving early. We were really glad we were able to participate in such a great cause. There were so many survivors there and so many supporting those who had passed away. It was an emotional evening. There was such a big age range as well. It broke my heart when the youngest survivor there was a little boy who looked like he was only 3. I realized how precious life is and the time we have, cherish every moment!

Don't ask. Bingo champs and these were our awesome prizes...

Another trip to the pool. Randy and Toni were up last weekend, together finally too, and Rusty and Challise so we hit the pool! Jayden kept us entertained, and the oreos and doritos kept her entertained. By the end of the day the little guys Troy and Tatton were tuckered out. Cute little guys napping.

This is one of my favorite pictures mainly because of Aaron's statement. Macquel was telling Aaron how cute Tatton was in his swimsuit and ofcourse Aaron had to mention that they had twinner bodies: Man boobies and a belly. My hot bod boys!!


Lauren Tatton said...

That is so awesome you guys did that! you are great!